(Jul 2008) After a very long absence I have got back into DVB development and will try to improve the code over the summer. I hope to start using it in combination with the BBC's MHEG+ code (see BBC ilabs blog ). Please see new email address below. The project has moved over to sourceforge, with a mailing list setup to discus improvements/patches/problems etc. Please join the list at


Parses MPEG2 DSM-CC Data/Object Carousel and saves the files to disk (all stored under /tmp/cache at the moment). The files are the scripts and text/image data for MHEG5/MHP, the interactive element of digital TV.


Files are now downloadable from sourceforge.


You also need a DVB card of some type to receive live streams, (DVB-T, DVB-C, and DVB-S should all in theory be supported (see Info for current status), and the linux drivers for them (see ). You do not need VDR as dvbdata handles tuning your card.


This is very alpha code, I have only tested the tuning frontend for DVB-T, it might work for DVB-S and DVB-C but it might not. Please tell me if it works for you, and which country you are in, so I can build up a list. Thanks. ( Especially if you get it working with a DVB-S card as have had no reports on this yet.)

Current Information
CountryTransmission TypeChannelsProblems
UKDVB-TAll Freeview channelsNo?
FinlandDVB-TYLE TV1, MTV 3 D, Nelonen DNo?
FinlandDVB-CSome files missing

The code also reportedly compiles under Windows, with minor modifications, using VisualC++.

For the next release dvbdata should have a ncurses based monitor to display transport stream/dsmcc statistics.

Please contact Richard Palmer (richard a t tiro org uk) with problems/reports/patches.





Dave Chapman for the tuning code (which I have just ripped from dvbtune)